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WHY am I charged when my child is absent?

You are charged when your child does not attend because you have agreed to reserve "SPACE" for your child when you registered at our center.

Upon your agreement to register we guaranteed you that we would provide specific child care services, which includes having staff present to meet the licensing ratios for all age groups.

When you decide to "skip" a day or a week your SPACE is still reserved and guaranteed, and our staff must still be paid.

For those who would rather ONLY pay when their child attends, kindly notify the owner immediately.
You will have two choices:
1. Pay the Full Market Rate each week, plus registration; or
2. Pay a daily drop-in fee (available if we have space on that day) and a one-time registration fee.

Otherwise, the ONLY acceptable absence will be when a child is sick for an entire week and you provide a doctors note (on the doctors stationary) that we can verify.

ALL of the children in attendance are either on State subsidy (school readiness) or Private subsidy (Private subsidy is the highly reduced rate the owner has agreed to charge you, in addition to waiving registration fees, for you to keep your side of the agreement, which is payment on time each week or a Late Fee will be charged).

Thank you for respecting our rules, since this affects all of the children in our care.



Marilyn Lewis, Owner 504-8374

NOTE: Those of you on School Readiness should be aware that you are denying a slot to a child in need when you are approved and then do not bring your child each day. We report such absences since we see children who need this service go without because there are no slots.

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